Interested in Booking?

Francisco-Luis White is available for workshops, panel discussions, readings, and keynotes on the following topics:

- Gender Expansive Identities, Being Non-binary

- HIV/AIDS Survival and Advocacy

- AfroLatinx Identity

- Rape Culture and Domestic Violence

With a steadfast commitment to engaging the most marginalized, White gives preference to inquiries that explain how access will be provided to those who have no financial means or institutional / professional affiliation. Considerations or plans to make events accessible  for the disabled should also be included in all formal inquiries. White does not appear in confined spaces with police presence, recognizing police as a threat to the safety of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and LGBTQ communities.

Allow 2 business days for response. Please be advised that inquiries made within 30 days of an anticipated event may present scheduling conflicts.

Inquiries should be sent directly to: 

Francisco-Luis White